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Get your ideas in front of leading retrofit designers in a format that helps them quickly understand the value your innovation adds to these deep retrofits.

Through the Reframed Initiative, design teams led by a B.C.-registered architect or engineer will be looking for innovative solutions to shape their proposals to deep retrofit multi-unit residential buildings. Showcase how your solution, service, or product would add value to deep retrofits. 

Check out the latest submissions:

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Contact Nick Rudnicki to learn more about the ReCover Initiative.

Contact Rod Penner to learn more about Greenstone ICE panels.

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Contact Scott Adair to learn more about SHARC Energy.

Contact Anas Patel to learn more about Waterdrop by Small Planet Supply.

Contact Denering Berrio to learn more about DBBS Technology.

Let the design teams know:

  • How your approach stands out as a leading solution
  • Which building(s) your solution best suits (see Case Studies for building information)
  • How your solution tackles one or more Reframed Lab objectives

Think of it as a virtual tradeshow booth for the designers to get information on you and your solution. Provide them with the information they can quickly reference while they are designing the Reframed deep retrofits.

Consider recording yourself giving a 2 – 3-minute presentation on how your innovation fits with one or all of the buildings. A 1-2 page summary of technical, design, cost and procurement specifics on how your solution will fit one or more of the buildings would also help. Be sure to include your contact information!

Solutions that specifically address the Reframed Initiative demonstration projects will be most helpful to designers and receive a higher profile. Please email your materials to If your video is too large to send by email, let us know.

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