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Innovation Library: adding value to deep retrofits

Get your ideas in front of leading retrofit designers in a format that helps them quickly understand the value your innovation adds to these deep retrofits. Showcase how your solution, service, or product would add value to deep retrofits.

Retrofit Supply Chain map

Reframed deep retrofit supply chain map

Map of North American design, construction, and manufacturing companies. Companies that have registered as potential solution providers for the Reframed Initiative are mapped under the layers titled: Retrofit design, construction and manufacturing, either in or outside B.C.

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Call for a Retrofit Acceleration fund

Call for a retrofit acceleration fund

Open letter from organizations across Canada called for a robust and inclusive market for deep retrofits in Canada and the 2022 Emissions Reduction Plan earmarked $200M for a retrofit accelerator initiative and $33M for the Greener Neighbourhoods Pilot Program.


Canada’s Renovation Wave: A plan for jobs and climate

July 15, 2021
A renovation wave of decarbonization retrofits over the next 20 years could create up to 200,000 long-lasting well-paid jobs, generate more than $48 billion in economic development each year, create significant savings in healthcare costs, and pay for themselves twice over through increased tax revenue.

Buy Clean: How public construction dollars can create jobs and cut pollution publication

February, 4th, 2021
Is Canada missing an opportunity to align investments in public infrastructure with its commitment to achieving net-zero carbon pollution by 2050?

Municipalities accelerating deep retrofitsResources for local governments

Canadian municipalities have an opportunity to help drive demand for and supply of deep retrofits by focusing their jurisdictional authority on cutting carbon from existing buildings through six key areas: financing and incentives, industry capacity, technology and innovation, actionable data, equity, and regulations.

Barriers to deep retrofits: Regulatory solutions from across Canada

Nov. 26, 2020

In this backgrounder, we identify some of the regulatory barriers that deep retrofit projects in Canada have faced, and provide some example solutions that might facilitate exemptions for demonstration projects. These examples may also show the way forward for regulatory change to remove such barriers.

Faster permitting and better retrofit projects

December 17th, 2020
Construction permitting requirements are designed to keep people safe but can be difficult for applicants to navigate. Complex projects — such as deep retrofits of multi-unit residential buildings — can be even more challenging, often resulting in delays and frustration for everyone involved.

Retrofitting with tenants in place

December 15th, 2020
Poorly managed tenant engagement for retrofit projects involving multi-unit residential buildings can impact schedules, budgets, and project outcomes. Early, well-planned tenant engagement can ensure projects are on schedule and on budget.

Solar panels boost business case for electrifying multi-unit low-rise housing

December 1, 2020
This case study illustrates how integrating solar PV can improve the business case for retrofitting a low-rise multi-unit residential building (MURB) in B.C.

Reframed Tech Series: Backgrounders on evolving deep retrofit solutions

The Pembina Institute, in association with the Reframed Initiative, presents the Reframed Tech Series — webinars on evolving deep retrofit solutions.

Edmonton needs to retrofit homes to reduce carbon pollution

November 24, 2020
The City of Edmonton aims to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Kamloops needs to retrofit homes to reduce carbon pollution

February 23, 2021
The City of Kamloops aims to be a zero-carbon community by 2050.

Affordable Housing Renewal: Retrofits at Scale Workshop – Summary master permitting and better retrofit projects

January 11th, 2018
The goal of the Affordable Housing Renewal project is to see net-zero carbon retrofits delivered at scale across Canada, as part of the transition to a carbon-neutral residential sector by 2050.

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