Reframed Lab

The Reframed Initiative and BC Housing are teaming up to commission deep retrofit designs for up to five multi-unit residential buildings.

Multi-disciplinary teams will participate in a six-month exploration lab to design deep retrofit solutions for low-rise residential buildings in B.C.’s Lower Mainland and/or the Victoria area. Each team will tackle a specific building, with support from their peers and experts on climate change, energy, and health.

In parallel, a working group will focus on developing the business case for such retrofit solutions, draw on the teams’ learnings, and engage with housing providers, insurers, financiers, and regulators.


A request for proposals to participate in the Reframed Lab will be issued in fall 2020. Selected teams may also be retained for the detailed design and construction phases of the demonstration projects.

In the leadup, we are asking interested parties to register to signal their interest and help them connect with other solution providers to form integrated design teams, which could include:

  • Architects
  • Building science, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers
  • Contractors, builders, and retrofitters
  • Manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers
  • Modeling and data capture specialists
  • Monitoring and control equipment specialists

Register to let others know what you would bring to a team. You will be asked to provide your contact information and to indicate your proposed role on the team. This information will be published on our website to facilitate team formation and engagement.

Note: Registering does not commit you to participate, nor is it a requirement to participate; it’s a way to inform others in the industry of your capacity and willingness to contribute to this new market as it develops.


Get in on the ground floor of a market transformation.

We are particularly interested in retrofit solutions that integrate technologies such as:

  • Prefabricated exterior wall and roof panels
  • High-efficiency and low-carbon mechanical systems
  • Roofing solutions that integrate on-site renewable electricity
  • Storage and/or thermal generation
  • Seismic upgrades
  • Climate adaptation measures
  • System controls and performance monitoring

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